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Chiropractor Frisco TX Sharyce Wise
Dr. Sharyce Wise is located in North Frisco, off Legacy between Main and Eldorado. She has a relaxing and family friendly environment and works with all ages. She treats sports injuries, auto accidents, or general aches and pains.
She enjoys working with pregnant women, who often get lower back and neck pain. Many OB doctors refer their pregnant women to her as they are confident in her results.
Dr. Wise gets great results by treating migraine and tension headaches, which often stem from the neck.
Dr. Wise takes her time with her patients and always does heat, electrical stimulation, myofascial release, and stretching on her patients prior to treatment which makes the adjustment a much more comfortable experience.
She believes in overall health, exercise, and nutrition and can help guide you to living a happy and healthy life by reaching your overall goals.

Dr. Wise believes in being active and encouraging patients to lead an active lifestyle.

These are some photos of active vacations with her and her daughter.

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